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Get it cut

1. Always use your original key to duplicate your new Bianca
2. Go to your local locksmith to get the job done

Ring your key

Using Tile tracking technology, simply tap the app to quickly ring and find your key.

Find your phone

Simply double tap the Bianca button and locate your phone in seconds.

Fit your door

Strong, durable and reliable. The best key you’ll ever use.

Find your Bianca

With 15 millions of users, the Tile community can help you find Bianca

Replaceable battery pod

Zero upkeep. No charging needed

Product Specs
  • Sound 88 decibel melody

  • Battery life 1 year from shipment

  • Long range Up to 100 feet

  • Water resistant Up to IP57 standards

  • Compatible locks Kwikset (KW1), Schlage (SC1) and Weiser (WR5)

  • Technology Bluetooth 4.0

  • Keyring hole Sturdy glass fiber reinforced nylon

  • Weight 16.5 g

  • Size 95mm x 45mm x 6mm

  • Key blade Italian made. Nickel plated brass

  • iOS Bluetooth 4.0 (produced after 2011) and iOS 9 or newer.

  • Android Bluetooth 4.0 running Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) or newer

Reinventing the key. Since 1770.


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